The Editor



i am krissi, the "author" behind this blog. i am 18 years old and i'm based in dresden. this isn't professional, neighter in the matter of photography nor picture treatment, but i love capturing everthing i adore. however, i try a lot of new things and get inspiration where I am able to, whether on websites or other blogs and talented humans on social networks. mostly you will see photos which deal with travelling or nature, because i#m totally into landscapes. now and then something will appear you also can profit from - these will be things you can copy and do by yourself. if you want to see something else, whatever it is, give me with pleasure an information in the comments. thank you for reading! ♥

this blog was born on 29th July 2014 and i am greatful to every reader! my contents may be divided with pleasure with accordingly provided link on social networks, so that maybe some more become attentive to my blog and maybe i can get some more new, actively reader! however, pictures are protected before copying by a barrier and and may be used only by asking for and the matching link to my blog, you can read more about it in my Disclaimer.

i hope i can convey great impressions with my pictures, texts, quotation and can maybe encourage someone to take a camera in their hands and to captures their favourite moments in pictures too.
with this in mind, enjoy! ♥

"capture every moment if it's your last."