21. January 2018 - new pages to write on


2017 has taught me that despite how naturally it may come to you to give your all to each person you come across, the harsh reality is that not everyone is going to replicate that and sometimes you need to practice self care and reign it in; to only give effort to those who do the same for you or else they will continue to take advantage.

2017 has taught me not to give your heart away so easily because not everyone means every word they say like you do and besides, you are the one who deserves your affection first and foremost. the best decision you could ever make is to learn to love yourself because not only will you feel the full strenght of someone else's love if it should happen but be so content in your own damn skin that if you should have to spend the rest of your life with yourself alone, it will not phase you.

2017 has taught me that romantic love should never be the center of your universe even when you are madly in love because it can fall apart as quick as it came together and although tragic, you're going to need other support systems - whether it be your friends or your art or running until your lungs are on the verge of collapse - to build you back up from the ground that you will spend many nights on rocking your teary eyed self to sleep.

2017 has taught me that you cannot be broken. the bad days will come around more often than you would like and are sometimes so paralyzing you forget what it is you are living for but yet, here you are today - alive, breathing, hoping; optimistic about the new year because while yes, it might take time and effort and sometimes tears, you will always bounce back after hitting the ground but it is up to you to make that commitment and vow to keep trying.

2017 has taught me that contant conversation is not necessarily communication. there are people who will understand you with a single nod or even in your silence an then there are those who will never pick up on how close you are to crying despite how many times they have looked into your eyes or how many times your wobbly voice has been on the verge of collapse while trying to choke out sentences.

2017 has taught me that the early hours of the morning can be your best friend or your worst enemy . while late night TV wrapped up in blankets talking to your favourite person can be heavenly, the nights you will lie in your bed as your brain throws rocks of 'what is my purpose' and 'what if's' at your face tend to happen just as often. eighter way, a cup of hot chocolate can go a long way; add extra marshmallows when in desperate need of a hug.

2017 has taught me your worth should never be defined by your body or your brain because both have the potential to be changed by powers outside your control. we all need a break from the constant climb that is life and it is okay to walk if that's what your body needs. most importantly, remember that your body is just a shell and who you are will always reside outside of that.

2017 has taught me that friendships can be hust as tricky, intimate and heartbreaking as relationships.there are good and bad times but you need not to worry abou the severity of what threatens to break your bond because if it's destined to last, the times you go long periods without talking to one another will not break it and nor will much else. although the distance can hurt, have faith in the fact that when two people want to make something work, no distance can ever devide your friendship.

most importantly of all, 2017 has taught me that life is all about change and the more you try to fight or control that, the more you will disturb your inner peace.let people go as easily as you let them come because those who are meant to be by your side will always be drawn back no matter how far they wander or for how long. in a world where the only constant we can rely on is the rising and setting of the sun, make sure to wake up every morning with a huge smile on your face regardless of whether you are about to face the best or worst day of your life because someone once said 'life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it' and that i have never looked back since.

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